Sunday, November 22, 2015

I think I'll go to Boston

Well, this week was kind of a let down after a great week in New York.

Kelly and I hung out Monday.  We went to this popular new restaurant in town.  They had good tea.  It is so hard to find good tea around here.  I wanted the brisket for lunch.   Our waitress said we have everything but the brisket!  So, I got pulled pork.
Kelly and I lead our freshman girls together and on Wednesday we were having a Thanksgiving party for the girls.  We got some supplies to make a craft.  We went to Michaels to get some fall leaves and all we saw was Christmas things.  I felt confident they would have fall leaves since Thanksgiving hadn't passed.  We asked and they said the fall things were long gone.

I began working at Sur La Table this week.  I am a kitchen assistant.  I do what I did at Central Market in the cooking classes.  It is fun and nice to be back in that routine.  

I am at Starbucks a lot and I usually sit next to Alex, a retired art teacher.  He is very funny!

Wednesday was our thanksgiving party with the girls.  We had apple and pumpkin pie, the girls wrote a thank you note to someone, and we made candles with mason jars and fall colored tissue paper.  The girls really enjoyed it!

Thursday, I had lunch with my Connecticut sister Megan.  We went to George's and got Bacon Cheeseburger pizza.  It was good!  We both liked the Taco pizza from last time better and we are planning on getting baked ziti pizza next time.

Friday I didn't have anything until I was babysitting in the evening.  I had the whole day and I wanted to go to Harvard before it got to cold so I decided to go.  I was going to try to go to the Boston Science Museum while I was so close so I left the house by 7.
I wanted a tea from Starbucks before the road trip.  I wasn't able to do a mobile order but I called and they got me my tea ready ahead of time.  They said they don't usually do that!  I get a hot tea iced so it takes longer to make it. I have such a good Starbucks!  They will even walk my drinks to me when I'm sitting down.  I'm so thankful for my Starbucks!
It took about 2.5 hours to get to Cambridge where Harvard is.  I was trying to figure out where to park they said to park in Harvard Square.  I thought Harvard Square was going to be like Southlake Town Square.  It wasn't as nice and it wasn't a square.  There were a few homeless people there.  It was probably a .5 mile walk to campus.
I went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History first.  It was nice.  They had a neat Latin American section.  They also had a large collection of animals.
Then, I headed to the Harvard Art Museum.  It was 3 stories.  They had a few modern paintings and including a Monet, and another famous painters painting.
Then, I went to the Curious George store.  It was small and had many kids drawing on coloring pages.
I saw a Shake Shack and Kimberly and I saw one in New York and she said they were good.  I got a burger and fries.  The burger wasn't much better than McDonald's in my opinion.  The fries taste like Braums fries which isn't that great either.  They had a few holiday shake flavors.  I got a Christmas Cookie shake.  Oh my goodness, it was good!

I had enough time to go to the Boston Science Museum.  It was about a 15 minute drive along the river.  They had a parking garage right there so it was easy.  They had a Pixar exhibit that I went to.  There were times of when you could enter.  The museum wasn't to crowded which was nice.  It was a good educational museum.

Then, I realized I had more time before I needed to head back so I went to the Massachusetts State House.  I parked about .5 miles from the museum.  I walked through a pretty park to get there.  The capitol has a gold dome on it.  It stands out.  I was going to go on a guided tour but the next one was in 45 minutes.  So I went on my own tour.  Someone told me the legislators meet twice a week!  Can you believe that?!  The house of representatives didn't have very large desks.   I don't know how they do anything on those tiny desks. In Massachusetts and Connecticut the Senate desks were in a circle.  In Texas we couldn't make a circle with all of our desks.

I still had more time and passed Cheers on my way there.  I went inside and that was a tourist trap!  They had two bars one where the show was that still had lighting up and another one.  They had two gift shops.  Many people were taking pictures outside and getting taxis to and from there.  It is on a nice kind of rocky brick street.

I headed to this nice street close by where there are lots of shops.  Last time I was there I saw a good cupcake shop but it was early in the morning so I didn't need a cupcake.   This time I got the cupcake.  It was a very good fresh cupcake.  I waked back through the pretty park to my car.

Todd told me to allow 30 extra minutes to get home with traffic.  I'm glad I did.  I should have had 45 minutes to spare before babysitting but I had 5 minutes.

Instead of babysitting for the two girls I usually do I was babysitting for their friends too so I had 4 kids.  I like having more kids.  It makes things more fun and interesting.

Saturday I meet with two freshman.  One at Starbucks and one at Tuffles, my favorite lunch spots.  The freshman was telling me how they had homecoming the night before.  I asked if they won.  She said what? I said you went to the homecoming football game.  Right?  She said no, it was a homecoming dance! So many differences between Texas and the North East.

Pat, my Connecticut mom who I'm living with and I have had a couple of good late night or early morning conversations.  I really like talking to her and she gives good advice.  

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