Sunday, September 27, 2015

Changes in Connecticut

Well, another week with a lot more work.  Tuesday I had an interview at Cake Gypsy, a little bakery in town.  The interview went really well.  I interviewed with the owner.  She has two locations and the second one is booming faster than she expected.  I proposed that I help with some paper work she is behind on and work in the shop.  The owner liked the idea and was impressed that I made my own job.

Grandma told me she likes her routine and is used to her routine and that it would be best if I moved out whenever I get a real job.  I spread the word and am thankful I have several options.

Wednesday the girls I babysit were off from school.  I took them to the Big E.  The Big E is like the State Fair of Texas but not as good.  They had two ferris wheels but neither was as big as our wonderful ferris wheel in Texas.  There was also no Big Tex. This fair is for all of New England since New England is so small they have one big fair and several smaller fairs too.  It was supposed to take us about 45 minutes to get there.  It took 45 minutes to get to the exit.  From the exit to the entrance it took an hour!  Everyone decided to go on their Wednesday off.  At the Big E there was a section with buildings from each state.  Inside the buildings are foods and crafts unique to that state.

Wednesday evening was our Life Group time for my 9th graders at church.  Since they are freshman we took them to this shopping area near by and did a scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt as well written.  It had good questions!  I had one boy in my group from Texas but he was into UT so that wasn't to good.  After the scavenger hunt we got Ben and Jerry's ice cream cakes for all of the kids!

Wednesday I could feel like I was getting sick and Thursday I was completely out!  I stayed home and slept!

Friday I got a call from a lady at the Wadsworth Mansion.  They are in need of an event supervisor.  I have an interview Tuesday!   Saturday I had a phone interview with a wedding planner.  She said that I sound exactly like what the Wadsworth Mansion is looking for.

Friday I worked and then Kara came over.  We ordered Chinese.  It was from a legit Chinese place so it wasn't that good.  They need a Pei Wei here.  There is a P.F. Chang near the mall!  After dinner I saw the movie the Intern with Gabe.  The theater here is kind of janky but it works.  The closest AMC isn't super close.  It was hard to find a seat at the theater.  The movie was fantastic!

Saturday thankfully I had a slow start then had my first day at Cake Gypsey.   It was a good first day. There was a little craft fair in the same shopping center as the store so apparently we were extra busy.   At the end of the day we get to take home the cupcakes we don't sell.  I brought them to friends and to Starbucks.  I love blessing people and making their day with cupcakes that otherwise would have been thrown away!  It is great to see the surprise on their face.

At work I got a text from Alexandra.  Her husband is an Aggie and works for ESPN.  I found her husband Fernando on "Find an Aggie".  I found out he works at ESPN.  We had chatted and he helped me get my resume in the right spot.  So thankful!  I told him I was babysitting while I am here.  Fernando said maybe you can babysit for us sometime and got me in touch with his wife.  I had texted his wife Alexandra a few times.  Saturday she texted me while I was at work to see if I wanted to come over to watch the Aggies BTHO Arkansas.  I came over and they had wings and pizza.  They have 3 kids.  A darling 5 year old girl and two boys.  The Palomos are raising their kids right!  They were all in Aggie clothes and the kids kept talking about how they wanted to go to A&M.  So thankful for good Aggie parents!  The Palomos are probably one of the most hospitable people I have ever meet!   So kind and welcoming!  I am so thankful I went to the best school ever! And so thankful the Aggies BTHO Arkansas!

This morning I went to church.  During the welcoming time the senior/teaching pastor came over to me.  We talked about how I am from Texas.  He said of, this will be your first fall!  After the main service I went to co-teach Bible boot camp for our high school students.  I am leading with Jen.  She knows more about the Old Testament than anyone else I know.  I am so thankful to have the privilege to co lead with Jen.  I was in charge of leading the game.  To get the kids to listen I taught them what we do at A&M.  Before a lecture our teachers say, "Howdy" and the students respond back "howdy" and we kind of listen.   I taught the kids that.  After I told them I went to A&M one of the kids said doesn't that school have like 50,000 students.  Another kid asked when I graduated.  After finding out I just graduated he was impressed that I went to school with Money Manziel.  Then another boy asked if I meet Manziel.  I said no but I once passed him near Kyle field.  They thought that was pretty cool.

This afternoon I worked.  Then I meet my friend Kelly at Panera to discuss a book.  At Panera I saw two people I knew!  Later this evening I meet another girl at Starbucks.  I am starting to know the workers and I saw my cousin there!  Connecticut is starting to be more like home!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life is GOOD

Well, everything is really falling into place! I have a great church! I was able to help out there a couple days this week. Wednesday evening was our leader meeting for the youth. I have ninth-grade girls on Wednesday nights. I'm really looking forward to it! I will leave the girls in a small Bible study. I also met Kelly while I was at the meeting. Kelly is about my age she will be collating with me. Kelly is going to seminary. Kelly and I are going to start reading through a Christian discipline but together. 

Thursday Stephen and Gabe came over.  We had pizza.  There are so many pizza places around here.  My goal is to try them all.  This time we had George's.  It is one of Grandma's favorite.  I made brownies and we and we played Upwards. It's like Scrabble but we think a little harder. It was fun! 

At our young adult ministry on Thursday I met Kate.  I told her I am looking for a job.  She said she runs a school and they are in need of help!  Kate and I went to Chili's.  She is super sweet and she told me all about the school.  She asked if I wanted to start the next day for a working interview.  I had plans to go to a museum with another girl from our young adult ministry but canceled those plans and worked at the school.  

Friday morning I worked at the school subbing and loved it!  I was with the two year olds.  There were 5 boys.  So precious!  

I recently started babysitting these two sweet girls. They are seven and ten. I make them dinner, help them with their homework, and take them to soccer practice. It's been a good week with them! This weekend I watched them +2 of their friends. They were all having a sleep over. But they had to get to bed early because they had soccer games early Saturday. It reminded me of my days with the youth making sure people would go to sleep and not stay up and talk. Saturday morning I took one of the girls to soccer practice. She had a tournament today so had three games. 

I found this great new coffee shop. It is owned by people from Lithuania. Which is right next to Latvia! They sold cheese and amber jewelry which is famous in that region. And good coffee. I love the atmosphere! Great place! 

I got a job working at a wedding venue.  Saturday we had a wedding.  I was able to help the chef which was wonderful!  He is a cool guy and reminds me of the Executive Chef I would work with at Central Market.  At this wedding they had a cool ice sculpture and lots of good food.  They had a mac and cheese bar which was fun.  I was able to get out of their early which I walkways like because weddings can go late!

The next day I helped Sunday mornings with the students.  There was about 90 high school students.  We have a terrific high school ministry.  I am thankful to be apart of it.  The students get to choose electives.  There are electives over: identity, ethical questions, the book of James, and a few others.  I am co leading an elective with Jenn, the lady in charge of all of the electives.  I am working on the games.  Jenn is very nice and has a TON of Biblical knowledge.  I am honored to be able to work with Jenn.  

In Burlington, the town where the school is they were having a festival.  This is festival season here so lots of festivals every weekend.  I helped work the festival at the schools booth.  It was fun!

After the festival I drove about 50 minutes to Paul, Laurie, and Kara's house.  I got to meet my cousin Jackie and her fiancĂ©, Lee.  Kara's boyfriend was there and her best friend.  Kara's brother Mike and his dog also came to support the Cowboys!  Paul and Kara cooked a great dinner!  Paul made amazing brisket, squash, and corn.  Paul never fails to amaze me by his talent!  Thankfully the Cowboys, my favorite team won!

Monday the girls I babysit for didn't have school.  We played miniature golf.  The course was designed after Switzerland.  It was cute, informative facts, and super fun!  We also made cookies.  

Monday evenings I have tap class.  There was another lady in the class a few years older than me.  We did some basics this week.  It was fun and a good calf workout.  I remember a few things from when I took when I was younger.

This week I worked at the school about 8-12 hours every day so its been a long week but good.   

I am trying to get out more and try new restaurants.  I really like this place called Truffles that is a lot like McAlisters.  I decided I need to get out a little more though.  I discovered a place called Dish n' Dat.  They have grilled cheese, mac and cheese, breakfast, and other good foods.  They have great game day specials.  I went their Tuesday then went back Saturday for breakfast.  I meet the owner Saturday.  I asked if they were hiring.  He was about to give me the managers card then gave me his card and said he would send my resume to the right person!  

Saturday we had a Sabbath retreat at church.  Cort, our young adult pastor taught on what the Sabbath is supposed to look like.  Let me tell you, this is a great church with amazing people!  They check on me when I'm not there or leave early.  Awesome people!  

I went over to Stephen's house.   We went on a walk in the woods which was pretty.  Stephen and I went to dinner with his parents at Friendly's, which is like Steak and Shake.  After dinner we watched Zoolander.  Such a funny movie!   

Today was a normal church day.  I am starting to read through Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life with Kelly.  Kelly and I are leading the freshman girls on Wednesday nights together along with another lady.  Mark recommended the book.  Kelly and I are also planning a trip to Vermont to Ben and Jerr'y's.  Our first available date though was November 14th!  Can you believe it?   

I am still looking for another job. The school and babysitting are temporary.  I applied to more wedding jobs and will continue to apply.  

Myths and Facts about the North East

Before moving to the North East many Texans told me things they I have found to not be true.

Myth 1: Everyone is rude.
FALSE.  I have meet more nice people than rude people.

Myth 2: People will not hold the door open for you.
FALSE!  Many people hold the door open.

Myth 3: People do not wear bright colors.
I have seen plenty of bright colors.  The person who told me that must have come here in the winter when no one wears bright colors.

I have learned a few new words while in Conneticut

Grinder - sandwich

First selectman - mayor.  For smaller towns they have selectmen and the first selectmen is the mayor.

Tag sale - not garage sale or yard sale

Stag - male deer - also an insurance companies mascot.  (Hartford is the insurance capitol)

Wicked, meaning "cool."  I haven't gotten into saying that yet but am trying to incorporate it into my vocabulary.

Dr. Pepper is not as common here like at restaurants but don't worry I can still find it at the grocery.

I'm still looking for good fried chicken!  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Sunday was another great day at church. Afterwards we went to this garden/earth friendly restaurant, B Good. It was good! 

Later that evening my friend Jenn and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. It's in a trendy shopping area. They had a large crowd at 8:30! I think because of Labor Day weekend. 

Monday, I went to the Mayflower Grace Hotel. It is the nicest hotel in CT. I studied outside and had lunch. It was nice weather and beautiful landscaping. 

Then, I went to Paul, Lauries, and Karas house. Paul showed me around his photography studio and Lauries Dane Studio.  It was very nice! I loved seeing all of Paul's great pictures in his studio. Paul showed me around the town. We went to a small corner store. Paul bought me a good key lime drink. Kara and I went kayaking on this beautiful lake. It was a perfect day to be outside. Then, Kara showed me around her area a little more. She was telling me that Ellington, where she lives is a big dairy farm area so they have many cows that produce milk. Next, we went back home and listened music on their wonderful patio. Paul made steaks, chicken, corn, and potatoes. It was wonderful! Then, we watched Pitch Perfect on their deck with a projector. It was lovely! I really like Paul. My time at their home reminds me of a toddler in a Tierra precious and always too short. Paul also really seems to have everything in order. He has no heated messes. You know, like a mess but when it's heated its messier. 

Tuesday, I went to the church to help in the student ministry. Mark is the youth pastor I'm working with and he's really cool. He showed me this helpful resource for teachers. It's like Netflix but the Christian version. I'm helping him print out resources from there. 

Tuesday was also my first day to start babysitting.  I'm babysitting two sweet girls. I help with homework, cook dinner, and take them to soccer practice. 

Something crazy is that Starbucks here close at 9! So early! 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

One Week Plus a Few Days in Connecticut

Tuesday Grandma and I got things ready for my dad to come on Wednesday. I'm helping her clean out and organize things. I'm officially unpacked and settled in. 

There is a restaurant, Amici's, an Italian restaurant, that has a good deal on Tuesday nights. Stephen and Gabe picked up food. We had dinner then we went to play miniature golf. It was a beautiful course. There was the Farmington River near by. It was beautiful. We saw what looked like a grandpa and grandson fly fishing.  I told the boys if we win how about we go to Tulmeadows, a great ice cream place, but if I loose how about we go to Tulmeadows. Stephen and Gabe got the hint that I wanted Tulmeadows. We picked up Laura and Emma from Stephens house and went to Tulmeadows. Boy, I sure do love that place! I made cinnamon muffins from a mix that I got at a farm with Laura for our breakfast. 

This morning Stephen and Gabe and I went to Elizabeth park. It was very pretty. Lots of flowers as roses. 

Then, we went to the Capitol building. It was very pretty! We took a tour. On our tour there was a group of about 20 people from a retirement community. We had a great tour guide. She was 58. She said to call her mom. Since the retirement group was there the state representative and senator spoke with us. The tour was great! We ate lunch at the Capitol. 

Next, I got to see my favorite person in the world! My daddy!!! I'm so thankful for my dad driving my car to me. 

We went to dinner at Grandmas favorite restaurant with Stephen and Gabe. Those boys are so good at helping Grammie. It was a classy Italian restaurant. John and nancy came over to visit and I made brownies. 

Thursday, when I had a car I had 3 interviews and filled out several applications. I think the interviews went well. 

That evening Kara came over, she comes over every Thursday. She picked up food from a barbecue restaurant and it was good!

Thursday evenings is our young adult night at Valley Community Baptist Church. The first Thursday is a night of worship.  We also had a nice time of prayer. The rest of the month is small groups. There were probably 40 people there! It was great!  Afterwards they had a fire and we made smores! It was fun. It they ran out of chocolate before I got some. 

Several times I've driven by this place called Truffles. I finally decided to stop. It's my newest favorite place! They have a few pre made things. They also have salads and sandwiches made to order. They don't have any truffles. However, they do have the best desserts! Really good Oreo cake pops. 

Every Friday evening the Banulskis, Stephens family goes to Friendly's. It reminds me of Steak and Shake. They have the same waitress every week She knows their order. It was good food and good ice cream! Grandma and I watched a movie after dinner. 

Today I meet Rachel at a cute coffee shop. I loved it! It's a Christian coffee shop. They have a map of the world, which I really like. I loved talking to Rachel! She goes to Valley Community Baptist Church on Thursdays. She moved here from Vermont to help start a church plant. 

Stephen and I went to Avery's a local beverage company.  I got Birch Beer which was like Root Beer with a winter green taste.

Then, we went to Noah Webster's house.  It was an old colonial house.  There was a large loom I got to see which was neat.

I had the wonderful privledge of meeting my cousin Paul. He is friendly courteous and professional. To top it off he showed up in record time. My guest had a fantastic time with him. Simply speaking Paul is phenomenal. I had an incredible experience. Paul offered for me to shadow with him in his booming Photograpgy business. Not only is Paul a photographer he is also a counselor at a middle school. Paul is a great role model.  Did I mention how attractive Paul is? I hope someday I can be lucky enough to marry a guy like Paul.

My cousin Mike and his wife Danielle and their kids came over too.  It was great to see Mike.  I hadn't seen him for about 13 years.  His daughter Gracie and I had fun playing together.  

Grandma wanted a hamburger and she kept on insisting on McDonald's.  I tried to tell her that wasn't good but she said she had been alive for 88 years so it can't be that bad.  

Later this evening I went to Starbucks.  This Starbucks has a bar just like mine back home.  

"who has suggestions on a better closing"