Saturday, September 5, 2015

One Week Plus a Few Days in Connecticut

Tuesday Grandma and I got things ready for my dad to come on Wednesday. I'm helping her clean out and organize things. I'm officially unpacked and settled in. 

There is a restaurant, Amici's, an Italian restaurant, that has a good deal on Tuesday nights. Stephen and Gabe picked up food. We had dinner then we went to play miniature golf. It was a beautiful course. There was the Farmington River near by. It was beautiful. We saw what looked like a grandpa and grandson fly fishing.  I told the boys if we win how about we go to Tulmeadows, a great ice cream place, but if I loose how about we go to Tulmeadows. Stephen and Gabe got the hint that I wanted Tulmeadows. We picked up Laura and Emma from Stephens house and went to Tulmeadows. Boy, I sure do love that place! I made cinnamon muffins from a mix that I got at a farm with Laura for our breakfast. 

This morning Stephen and Gabe and I went to Elizabeth park. It was very pretty. Lots of flowers as roses. 

Then, we went to the Capitol building. It was very pretty! We took a tour. On our tour there was a group of about 20 people from a retirement community. We had a great tour guide. She was 58. She said to call her mom. Since the retirement group was there the state representative and senator spoke with us. The tour was great! We ate lunch at the Capitol. 

Next, I got to see my favorite person in the world! My daddy!!! I'm so thankful for my dad driving my car to me. 

We went to dinner at Grandmas favorite restaurant with Stephen and Gabe. Those boys are so good at helping Grammie. It was a classy Italian restaurant. John and nancy came over to visit and I made brownies. 

Thursday, when I had a car I had 3 interviews and filled out several applications. I think the interviews went well. 

That evening Kara came over, she comes over every Thursday. She picked up food from a barbecue restaurant and it was good!

Thursday evenings is our young adult night at Valley Community Baptist Church. The first Thursday is a night of worship.  We also had a nice time of prayer. The rest of the month is small groups. There were probably 40 people there! It was great!  Afterwards they had a fire and we made smores! It was fun. It they ran out of chocolate before I got some. 

Several times I've driven by this place called Truffles. I finally decided to stop. It's my newest favorite place! They have a few pre made things. They also have salads and sandwiches made to order. They don't have any truffles. However, they do have the best desserts! Really good Oreo cake pops. 

Every Friday evening the Banulskis, Stephens family goes to Friendly's. It reminds me of Steak and Shake. They have the same waitress every week She knows their order. It was good food and good ice cream! Grandma and I watched a movie after dinner. 

Today I meet Rachel at a cute coffee shop. I loved it! It's a Christian coffee shop. They have a map of the world, which I really like. I loved talking to Rachel! She goes to Valley Community Baptist Church on Thursdays. She moved here from Vermont to help start a church plant. 

Stephen and I went to Avery's a local beverage company.  I got Birch Beer which was like Root Beer with a winter green taste.

Then, we went to Noah Webster's house.  It was an old colonial house.  There was a large loom I got to see which was neat.

I had the wonderful privledge of meeting my cousin Paul. He is friendly courteous and professional. To top it off he showed up in record time. My guest had a fantastic time with him. Simply speaking Paul is phenomenal. I had an incredible experience. Paul offered for me to shadow with him in his booming Photograpgy business. Not only is Paul a photographer he is also a counselor at a middle school. Paul is a great role model.  Did I mention how attractive Paul is? I hope someday I can be lucky enough to marry a guy like Paul.

My cousin Mike and his wife Danielle and their kids came over too.  It was great to see Mike.  I hadn't seen him for about 13 years.  His daughter Gracie and I had fun playing together.  

Grandma wanted a hamburger and she kept on insisting on McDonald's.  I tried to tell her that wasn't good but she said she had been alive for 88 years so it can't be that bad.  

Later this evening I went to Starbucks.  This Starbucks has a bar just like mine back home.  

"who has suggestions on a better closing"

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