Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend in Avon

Saturday I walked to the club house in Grandmas area. I ordered a peanut butter pie. I could only eat half of it. It was very rich. The lady sitting next to me, Vickie said that looks good. I offered to split it with her. She said she would pay me for half of it. Later in the day as golf games were ending several men in their late 50s - 60s came in. They saw I was sitting next to Vickie and introduced themselves to me. We talked about Texas, Texas A&M, and Republicans. They were very right wing. I enjoyed meeting them. They were very friendly. 

Well, as soon as I got to Connecticut I was looking for a church. I did a quick search and quickly saw a baptist church that looked good. I don't have a car yet so emailed someone from the church to see if they knew of someone that could give me a ride. About an hour later Grandma asked if I needed to go to church. I said I sure do! She said Andrea, a lady that helps her, goes to the baptist church and would be glad to give me a ride.  How crazy is that! In the mean time I got an email from a Terri. She works at the church and lives near me. She offered to give me a ride too. I told her I already had a ride but appreciated the offer. Terri told me to look for her behind the welcome desk at church. 

I went to church with Andrea and her mom, Audrey. I loved the church! It reminds me of a church I went to! Andrea made sure I knew where everything was. I meet Terri. She was nice. They have a very large young adult group. There were probably about 30 people all about my age. We meet where the high school group meets before us. It is in a coffee shop type of setting at the church. The teaching was very biblical. 
After church I went to lunch with maybe 20 people from our group. More people kept coming so we continually added more chairs.  We went to a Mediterranean Buffett. It was very good. Everyone was very kind and welcoming. 

Meanwhile, I got a text from Laura, my cousin, asking if I would like to go to a few farms. I said yes! She picked me up with her friend Jenna. We went to a farm about 30 minutes away. They had a nice store inside with vegetables, and baked goods. We went on a wagon that took us to pick apples. We had two options. We could pick a large or small bagful. There were rows of different types of apples. The orchard wasn't to high which was good for short people. 

Then, we went to see Laura's horse, Puck. There are 19 horses at that barn. Next, we went to another farm. They had breads, pies, and of course vegetables. That farm was in Massachusetts.  

After going there we realized we were close to Laura's favorite don't place. Mrs. Murphy's.  We went just a little before close so they didn't have many donuts but they did have original. It was good! Laura likes to go once a year at 4am to get there by 5 when they open to have the donuts fresh. I'm not that dedicated to Mrs. Murphy's. 

After our adventure we went back to the Banulski's, Laura's families for dinner. John, Laura's dad made lasagna for dinner! We were deciding if we wanted to eat in or out. After we got settled outside it started raining. There were 8 of us for dinner. The 5 in the Banulski family, Gabe, Laura's friend, Jenna, who joined us on our farm journey and myself. Dinner was good! Laura bought an apple pie at one of the farms.  We had it for dessert. 

Later that evening Grandma and I watched a movie together.  

This morning Grandma and I cleaned out the upstairs. I got more settled in my room. 

About noon Stephen and Gabe came to pick me up. We got chipotle! I'm so thankful there is a Chipotle close to us. Then, we went to the Yankee Candle Store. The store was about an hour and a half away. It's in Springfield Massachusetts. It was like the Wonderful World of Disney and just about as big. They had every single scent. They had a room for about every holiday. I saw Mrs. Clause! It was a very neat place. 

Stephen was saying he that Magic Wings was close by. At first I thought it was a wing restaurant. I looked it up and Magic Wings was 4 minutes away! We went there after the Yankee Candle store. It had an outer room with some bugs. Inside was a very large room with hundreds of butterflies. It was so neat! They had a little restaurant there and they have weddings at Magic Wings. 

Stephen and Gabe stayed for dinner.  We picked up a pizza from a local place.  It was good!  

Grandma and I were going through things.  I saw two things that needed to be cleaned.  One was a ice crystal something.  As I was cleaning it I broke it.  I felt bad.  Grandma didn't seem to care which I appreciated.  Then, I cleaned a candle holder.  I broke that too!  This time it cut my finger.  Grandma didn't seem to care that it broke.  It cut my finger a bit.  Grandma helped me put a band-aid on it.  

"until I think of a good closing"


  1. are you just trying to "get out of" cleaning things? :) this all sounds so fun! are you living there temporarily or permanently? :)

    1. Haha no. I plan to live here a year. Thanks for asking!