Thursday, August 27, 2015

God is our Comforter

Well, I woke up yesterday morning and Nicole, who I was working for told me this wasn't going to work.  I was shocked!  Did not see that coming!

I called my parents.  My parents called my Aunt Norma, my Nanas sister.  My aunt said her driver could probably pick me up or my cousins.

I texted Kelly who I was going to babysit for occasionally.  I had never meet her but had talked to her a few times on the phone.  Kelly had just called me the day before to see how things were going and to make sure I could still babysit.  I said everything is great and I was looking forward to meeting her.  So, I texted Kelly and told her what happened.  She asked me to call her.  I called Kelly.  She told me they had a couple of guest rooms I could stay in.  Kelly offered to pick me up, take me places, Kelly said they had a busy day but her plans had been canceled so she was able to help.  So, Kelly came over, picked me up and I put all of my things in her car.  Kelly gave me snacks, a Coke, mac and cheese, and great Godiva chocolate.  Kelly said her husband gave her the chocolate for their anniversary. The chocolate was very good.  I was with Kelly for about 3 hours.  My cousins came about 2 hours from Connecticut to pick me up.

On our drive my cousins were telling me about a castle.  I looked it up and it was just 10 minutes away from where we were.  We stopped at the castle.  We walked up a long steep road to get to the castle.  It was a run down old castle.  We couldn't go in.  Nothing was there.  We saw another train and walked through a large amount of grass, like a jungle.  Stephen made sure I knew what poison ivey looked like.  I appreciated that!  We saw an old water tower and a trading post.  It was neat to see.

It was about a two hour drive to Aunt Norma's.  It was great to finally see her.  I probably hadn't seen her in 13 years!  Aunt Norma said she is glad to have me.  I think she enjoys the company.

I was getting settled in with Aunt Norma.  Later that night Stephen, my cousin came by to pick me up.  He took me to see his family his parents, and two sisters.  We went to Disney World together when I was about 5 but I don't remember that.  They were very nice and John, Stephens dad said if I need anything let him know, we're family.  Stephen, Laura, and Laura's friend and I went to the BEST ice-cream place I have ever been to!  I got peach ice-cream.  The ice-cream place was on a farm.  It had a cute small farm store attached to it.

Today Stephen came over and took me to the Mark Twain Museum.  I don't have a car so I appreciate his taking me.  It was great to see the museum!  Afterwards, Stephen took me to the Green House.  It is a tea place like Teavanna.  They have different flavors of boba.  I thought that was cool.

My cousin Kara was at Aunt Normas's when Stephen and I got back.  I meet Kara 14 years ago when she came to Texas.  We made banana nut bread and had dinner together.  I really like her!  She can't believe that I don't love the Cowboys.  I can't believe that she named her dog Dallas and she loves the Cowboys and Kara isn't even from Texas.

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