Tuesday, August 25, 2015

God is our Provider

My first week as a nanny has been good.  I am trying to figure out the lay of the land and learning my new responsibilities.  The kids have to do about 30 minutes of school/educational workbook a day.  One of Kyle's assignments was to look at leaves and identify them.  The 30 minutes flew by that day.  We both enjoyed looking at the leaves.  After identifying leaves Kyle and I put a leaf behind a piece of paper and colored on top of the paper.  It was very fun!  

Tuesday evening I made dinner.  I am the first nanny the Riggers have had that made dinner.  I made baked ziti, green bean almandine, garlic bread and brownies.

I have been to Starbucks many evenings.  The evenings are dead at this Starbucks and pretty much this whole small town.  I did meet Tim who works at Starbucks and his friend Joey.  They told me about the New York City.  They told me Time Square was just a tourist trap.  I did't want to believe them but it is true.  Tim and Joey also told me about a good app to use to find train times.  

At the beginning of the week there were a few hard days being alone in a new town.  I had been praying that the Lord would provide me with friends and the people I need.  I remembered Steve, the youth pastor from Trinity Presbyterian.  I texted him and asked if I could hang out with him and his family.  He said absolutely!  Steve said they were about to go to a church conference but I could come over.  I really appreciated that especially as they were packing.  Steve and his wife Amy and three kids live in White Plains, about 20 minutes away.   White Plains is the largest city (at least I'm pretty sure) in Westchester.  Amy is an OBGYN at Columbia.  Amy is a doll!  I love her!  I am looking forward to hanging out with Steve, Amy, the kids more soon!  

Thursday evening after work I went to Terrytown which is right by the Hudson River.  It was pretty to walk along the river.  There were near condos right there by the water and a nice restaurant.

Friday morning I went to Starbucks and saw a man a little older than my parents who had a book out about Finding the Right College.  I asked if he was going to school.  The man said "Do you know anyone my age going to school"?  That man is Jack.  He helps students write essays, and with interviews.  Chappaqua has the best school district.  They are very focused on grades here.  The cool kids are the smart kids.  As I was talking to Jack about what he does a lady walked by and overheard us and asked for Jacks card for her kids.  

The next day I saw Jack at Starbucks.  I asked him a question about the city and he helped me by telling me the lay out of the city, what is where, what to see, and what is a good day trip.  Jack also told me about how 5th Avenue is "ground zero" and everything revolves around that.  So to find streets start at 5th Avenue.  I am very thankful for Jack.  

Friday evening I went to Rye.  There was Playland which is like the game section of the fair.  Right outside of Playland was a boardwalk and a beach.  It was pleasant to walk along there in the evening.  There were two restaurants there along the beach.  I walked along the beach which was very nice.  Friday nights they in Rye they have fireworks on the beach.  A man told me the fireworks were worth staying for.  That man had never been to Disney World.  The fire works weren't the best.  

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