Friday, August 28, 2015

Life in Conneticut

Well, I am getting settled in Connecticut.  It is nice living here.  It is like having built in community with all of the cousins.  My dad is bringing my car on Wednesday!  It will be good to have!  Aunt Norma is ready for me to have a car to be able to pick up things from the grocery store and maybe I can take her out to eat.  I asked Aunt Norma if I can call her Grandma.  She said yes.  Grandma said she is missing one grandchild so I can take his place.  Now this grandson is in the army, is 6' 8" and has red hair.  So, I'm not exactly like him.

Stephen and Gabe, Stephen's best friend, came to pick me up.  We went Madison, about an hour away.  There was a cute downtown there.  We went to a book store.  They had many authors pictures hung.

From the downtown area we went to the beach.  The beach had so many seashells!  We couldn't even reach the bottom of the shells!  It made it hard to walk!  Many people were out at the beach.  There were only a few swimmers.

Stephen and Gabe and I went to a fish restaurant.  It was nice.  I had a hamburger.  I hear its a real popular restaurant.  Gabe told me about this drink they have in the North East that is like Root Beer but not Root Beer.

Kara told me about the Book Barn.  She said there are tons of barns with books.  The three of us went there today.  Out of all of the books I didn't see any Christian books.  The people at the store said the Christian books were at a downtown location less than a mile away.  We went there and I found several great books.  The downtown store was in a cute area near another beach.

Next, the three of us went to a vineyard.  Stephen and Gabe have been going on a wine tour around Connecticut. They have a wine passport book.  I don't drink but it was very nice to see the vineyard.  There was a pretty pond and flowers.  It was pretty! They had a restaurant there too.  It was quite busy when we went.  Stephen and Gabe said the California wine was better than the Connecticut wine they tried.  They said in Connecticut they have to make flavored wines like blueberry, ect.  

We came back to Grandma's and Grandma and I have been watching a movie.  So far Connecticut is great!  

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