Monday, August 24, 2015

First Sunday in Westchester

Sunday I woke up early, went to Starbucks, like usual and went to church.  I was going to a Presbyterian church about 20 minutes away.  I walked in with a few nice folks.  I saw a few candles and thought that's kind of odd there aren't usually candles but oh well.   I walked into a pretty Catholic church.  I saw the nice lady I walked in with bowing down to Mary.  I turned around and left.  I saw someone and asked if this was the Presbyterian church.  She said where I was at a Catholic church and the presbyterian church was next door.

I arrived at the Presbyterian church.  It was my first time at a presbyterian church.  The youth pastor Steve spoke that day.  I saw his name before and thought about emailing him to see about working with the students.  After we were leaving Steve and the other pastor were shaking peoples hands.  Steve stood out to me because he knew I was new and he told me his name.  I appreciated that.

I meet a few sweet girls after church at a fellowship time.  One of the girls told me the main pastor and his wife are from Texas.  I meet the pastors wife Dru.  She and her family lived in Dallas.  She was a realtor and her husband was a lawyer.  He is now a pastor in Rye.  I was able to talk to Steve more about the student ministry.

That afternoon I went to Westchester which is in White Plains which was close to Rye where I went to church which is about 20 minutes from Chappaqua which is where I live.  I got a few things to make my room feel like home.

At Anthropologie I meet Maggie.  She helped me find some things.  She also told me about New York.  She told me not to be afraid to go into the city.  She also gave me her email address if I had any questions.

At Kate Spade I meet Gen and Paula.  They were really great.  Gen encouraged me to write in their book of Interesting People.

After shopping I went back to Chappaqua to talk to the Riggers about my job and duties.  I am responsible for anything that has to do with the kids.

I went to Trinity Rivertowns that evening.  I talked to the pastor a couple of times and already had plans to go to dinner with life group leaders Steve and Kim that lived near me.  Steve and Kim are awesome! They offered to help me with the move and offered me a ride to church.  Steve and Kim introduced me to several people at church.  We went to a great burger place after church.

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