Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome to Chappaqua

My mom and I got up early for her to drop me off at the airport.  I was so excited to come here.  I was sad to leave her.  Going through TSA the guy who was watching my body scan said "try not to smile."  At first I thought he was serious and then I realized that he was joking.

On the plane I sat in the middle of two ladies.  One was a doctor in the city.  The other lady was going to New York with her husband.  They were Jehovah's Witness.  They were going to the country to help build a house.  They were taking time off of work to do this.  The lady kept saying how its okay because its good for the organization.  I felt sorry for them kind of wasting their time for something false.

After arriving in LGA I meet Dan who I am working for.  He was super nice.  As we were leaving the airport there was someone that had to check my luggage receipt to my bags.  I had never seen that before.

We meet Nicole and the kids at a pizza place.  It was great to finally meet everyone.

That day I got all settled in.  It was also Dan's birthday.  We went to a nice restaurant for dinner.  They restaurant great tea!  

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