Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Sunday was another great day at church. Afterwards we went to this garden/earth friendly restaurant, B Good. It was good! 

Later that evening my friend Jenn and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. It's in a trendy shopping area. They had a large crowd at 8:30! I think because of Labor Day weekend. 

Monday, I went to the Mayflower Grace Hotel. It is the nicest hotel in CT. I studied outside and had lunch. It was nice weather and beautiful landscaping. 

Then, I went to Paul, Lauries, and Karas house. Paul showed me around his photography studio and Lauries Dane Studio.  It was very nice! I loved seeing all of Paul's great pictures in his studio. Paul showed me around the town. We went to a small corner store. Paul bought me a good key lime drink. Kara and I went kayaking on this beautiful lake. It was a perfect day to be outside. Then, Kara showed me around her area a little more. She was telling me that Ellington, where she lives is a big dairy farm area so they have many cows that produce milk. Next, we went back home and listened music on their wonderful patio. Paul made steaks, chicken, corn, and potatoes. It was wonderful! Then, we watched Pitch Perfect on their deck with a projector. It was lovely! I really like Paul. My time at their home reminds me of a toddler in a Tierra precious and always too short. Paul also really seems to have everything in order. He has no heated messes. You know, like a mess but when it's heated its messier. 

Tuesday, I went to the church to help in the student ministry. Mark is the youth pastor I'm working with and he's really cool. He showed me this helpful resource for teachers. It's like Netflix but the Christian version. I'm helping him print out resources from there. 

Tuesday was also my first day to start babysitting.  I'm babysitting two sweet girls. I help with homework, cook dinner, and take them to soccer practice. 

Something crazy is that Starbucks here close at 9! So early! 

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