Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life is GOOD

Well, everything is really falling into place! I have a great church! I was able to help out there a couple days this week. Wednesday evening was our leader meeting for the youth. I have ninth-grade girls on Wednesday nights. I'm really looking forward to it! I will leave the girls in a small Bible study. I also met Kelly while I was at the meeting. Kelly is about my age she will be collating with me. Kelly is going to seminary. Kelly and I are going to start reading through a Christian discipline but together. 

Thursday Stephen and Gabe came over.  We had pizza.  There are so many pizza places around here.  My goal is to try them all.  This time we had George's.  It is one of Grandma's favorite.  I made brownies and we and we played Upwards. It's like Scrabble but we think a little harder. It was fun! 

At our young adult ministry on Thursday I met Kate.  I told her I am looking for a job.  She said she runs a school and they are in need of help!  Kate and I went to Chili's.  She is super sweet and she told me all about the school.  She asked if I wanted to start the next day for a working interview.  I had plans to go to a museum with another girl from our young adult ministry but canceled those plans and worked at the school.  

Friday morning I worked at the school subbing and loved it!  I was with the two year olds.  There were 5 boys.  So precious!  

I recently started babysitting these two sweet girls. They are seven and ten. I make them dinner, help them with their homework, and take them to soccer practice. It's been a good week with them! This weekend I watched them +2 of their friends. They were all having a sleep over. But they had to get to bed early because they had soccer games early Saturday. It reminded me of my days with the youth making sure people would go to sleep and not stay up and talk. Saturday morning I took one of the girls to soccer practice. She had a tournament today so had three games. 

I found this great new coffee shop. It is owned by people from Lithuania. Which is right next to Latvia! They sold cheese and amber jewelry which is famous in that region. And good coffee. I love the atmosphere! Great place! 

I got a job working at a wedding venue.  Saturday we had a wedding.  I was able to help the chef which was wonderful!  He is a cool guy and reminds me of the Executive Chef I would work with at Central Market.  At this wedding they had a cool ice sculpture and lots of good food.  They had a mac and cheese bar which was fun.  I was able to get out of their early which I walkways like because weddings can go late!

The next day I helped Sunday mornings with the students.  There was about 90 high school students.  We have a terrific high school ministry.  I am thankful to be apart of it.  The students get to choose electives.  There are electives over: identity, ethical questions, the book of James, and a few others.  I am co leading an elective with Jenn, the lady in charge of all of the electives.  I am working on the games.  Jenn is very nice and has a TON of Biblical knowledge.  I am honored to be able to work with Jenn.  

In Burlington, the town where the school is they were having a festival.  This is festival season here so lots of festivals every weekend.  I helped work the festival at the schools booth.  It was fun!

After the festival I drove about 50 minutes to Paul, Laurie, and Kara's house.  I got to meet my cousin Jackie and her fianc√©, Lee.  Kara's boyfriend was there and her best friend.  Kara's brother Mike and his dog also came to support the Cowboys!  Paul and Kara cooked a great dinner!  Paul made amazing brisket, squash, and corn.  Paul never fails to amaze me by his talent!  Thankfully the Cowboys, my favorite team won!

Monday the girls I babysit for didn't have school.  We played miniature golf.  The course was designed after Switzerland.  It was cute, informative facts, and super fun!  We also made cookies.  

Monday evenings I have tap class.  There was another lady in the class a few years older than me.  We did some basics this week.  It was fun and a good calf workout.  I remember a few things from when I took when I was younger.

This week I worked at the school about 8-12 hours every day so its been a long week but good.   

I am trying to get out more and try new restaurants.  I really like this place called Truffles that is a lot like McAlisters.  I decided I need to get out a little more though.  I discovered a place called Dish n' Dat.  They have grilled cheese, mac and cheese, breakfast, and other good foods.  They have great game day specials.  I went their Tuesday then went back Saturday for breakfast.  I meet the owner Saturday.  I asked if they were hiring.  He was about to give me the managers card then gave me his card and said he would send my resume to the right person!  

Saturday we had a Sabbath retreat at church.  Cort, our young adult pastor taught on what the Sabbath is supposed to look like.  Let me tell you, this is a great church with amazing people!  They check on me when I'm not there or leave early.  Awesome people!  

I went over to Stephen's house.   We went on a walk in the woods which was pretty.  Stephen and I went to dinner with his parents at Friendly's, which is like Steak and Shake.  After dinner we watched Zoolander.  Such a funny movie!   

Today was a normal church day.  I am starting to read through Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life with Kelly.  Kelly and I are leading the freshman girls on Wednesday nights together along with another lady.  Mark recommended the book.  Kelly and I are also planning a trip to Vermont to Ben and Jerr'y's.  Our first available date though was November 14th!  Can you believe it?   

I am still looking for another job. The school and babysitting are temporary.  I applied to more wedding jobs and will continue to apply.  

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