Sunday, September 20, 2015

Myths and Facts about the North East

Before moving to the North East many Texans told me things they I have found to not be true.

Myth 1: Everyone is rude.
FALSE.  I have meet more nice people than rude people.

Myth 2: People will not hold the door open for you.
FALSE!  Many people hold the door open.

Myth 3: People do not wear bright colors.
I have seen plenty of bright colors.  The person who told me that must have come here in the winter when no one wears bright colors.

I have learned a few new words while in Conneticut

Grinder - sandwich

First selectman - mayor.  For smaller towns they have selectmen and the first selectmen is the mayor.

Tag sale - not garage sale or yard sale

Stag - male deer - also an insurance companies mascot.  (Hartford is the insurance capitol)

Wicked, meaning "cool."  I haven't gotten into saying that yet but am trying to incorporate it into my vocabulary.

Dr. Pepper is not as common here like at restaurants but don't worry I can still find it at the grocery.

I'm still looking for good fried chicken!  

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