Monday, November 30, 2015

Family, Turkey, and Macy's

Sunday at Sur La Table we had a 8 year old girls birthday party.  She had 9 friends at the party.  For the birthday party they had nice red Sur La Table aprons.  It was an all chocolate class!  Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate bark, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate soufflé.  The soufflé was wonderful!  It was a fun class!

Sunday evening I was talking to my friend Lon at Starbucks.  He was wearing a cowboy hat and never does so we talked about that.  He called me a Cowgirl then Lon was afraid it was an insult.  I explained that it is not an insult in Texas.

Tuesday, was the Thanksgiving service at Valley.  I had never been to a Thanksgiving service.  There were several baptisms.  Afterwards we had pie.  I was able to see some friends and had some good chats with folks.  Pat, my Connecticut mom, saw her friend Susan and Susan said they need help at their shipping store during the holidays.

Tuesday evening I stayed up late with Pat while she made pumpkin bread.  We chatted while she baked.  Pat gives very good advice.

Wednesday, I babysat for the family that has 3 kids.  Todd, my Connecticut dad got me that job.  I took the two younger kids - 4 and 2 to the park.  There older sister was at school.  Their mom is awesome.  She just left me the car keys and said feel free to take them somewhere.  The kids are very obedient to.  They are a great family!

Later Wednesday I went over to Mikes parents house to help them rake leaves.  I ended up just talking to Mikes mom, Marcia, the whole time.  She is awesome!  Very nice lady.  She showed me the woods in their back yard.  Marcia told me how she likes to go on hikes in the back their while its snowing.  Marcia made me tea.  It was wonderful!  She is very good at making tea.  Marcia knows a lot about tea!
Mike and I went for a walk around this reservoir.  We went at sunset.  It was very pretty!  Mike said there are a ton of places like that.

That evening I talked with Todd and helped him make apple sauce.  He got fresh apples from the orchard.

Thursday I woke up at 3:45 I meet Stephen and Gave in West Hartford.  The bus left at 5 to go into New York to see the parade.  We got to the city a little before 7.  The bus dropped us off at the Plaza. We looked for a good spot and decided to stay.
We saw many police!  Probably the most I have seen!  Gave and I said we aren't sure if this makes us feel more or less safe.  There were helicopters flying around.  We also saw police on top of buildings.  There were many many police everywhere you looked.
I meet some people that had a daughter about to graduate from NYU and had another daughter going to the University of Cincinnati.  They are from Cincinnati.
Stephen picked me up some hot chocolate from Starbucks.  He said it was a long line.  About an hour later he came back.
I walked around a little bit and tried to find a place to use the restroom.  No hotel would let you use the restroom.  Even most shops wouldn't let you in.  I found a bike store.  Don't know why they were open on Thanksgiving.  I asked if they had a restroom.  The man said maybe.  I asked if I could use it and he said yes.  It wasn't nice but it worked!
I was trying to get back to Stephen and Gabe.  The police began to barricade more and more things.  We couldn't walk on the street.  There was one section that was jam packed. The people didn't leave an aisle open.  One person trying to go the opposite way I was said you won't get through.  We have been trying to get through for an hour.  One little boy was crying.  Then, some more aggressive ladies came by.  One lady said she has to get to her yoga studio. Another lady said some people live here and we need to get home.  So there was about a group of 4 of us that stuck together trying to get our of this section.  We were slowly able to get past one crowd of people.  We got to the next crowd and were stuck again.  The aggressive lady was trying to get through.  These people wouldn't let her pass.  I asked her what our plan was.  She said these people won't let me through.  You try.  I tried and it didn't work.  The people said to get cozy.  This is a good place to watch the parade.  I was afraid we would be stuck there!  Then another lady came by and she said I have a pass.  She said we will show them the pass and they will have to let us through.  They didn't let us through.  They made fun of her for being a rich white lady.  They thought it was fun trying to see us get through.  We decided to go a different route.  One man let us through.  Everyone was mad at that man.  He said sorry, I guess I feel for it.  But, we were barricaded in.  It is impossible to get out!  We realized we couldn't get anywhere there so we went back.  The police forced these people to open up the walk way.  Then, we were barricaded in again.  This lady showed her pass to the police.  He said you will have to go around.  She explained how it was impossible.  She said I have a pass!  He said okay, how many people are with you?  She said yum, its just like me and my three kids.  So we got through!  It was funny because she was only about 10 years older than me.  One other lady with us was probably older than she was.  Another man there was counting and he counted 8 of us.  But, we got through!  We all thanked each other for the help.  I was able to get back to Stephen and Gabe.
The parade came to us around 9:30.  First there was a few black police cars that drove by.  Then, there was a large police van.   They had police men on every side of the van with these huge guns.  Then, the parade began!  It is much different to see the parade in person than on tv.  Some of the floats looked like they could be inflated more.  Many of the floats with celebrities were taking pictures of the crowds.  The circus de soleil float had a small ambulance behind it.  Those people were doing some crazy things on a moving float.  Later in the parade some older folks in the parade needed to rest I guess so they stopped.  One person with the parade picked them up on a golf cart.  The other two people hopped in a truck of another float.  I meet some people from New Orleans.  I was able to give the some advice about their trip here!  Who would have thought, the little Aggie giving New York tourists advice!

Once the parade was over thankfully walking back to the Plaza wasn't to difficult.  They still had everything barricaded so we had to go the long way.  Gabe and I grabbed something quick from the Plaza food court.
I went to the restroom.  Of course, the women's line was huge.

We meet the bus and had an easy ride home.  I was able to sleep for about an hour of the two hour ride.  It's hard not knowing towns well.  I wasn't really able to tell how close we were to being back.

After we got back I went straight to Uncle Paul's.  I played with Grace and Will in the backyard and talked to Danielle.  The kids remembered me and ran up and give me a big hug.  Grace had a very pretty dress on.  The table was set very nicely.  We had assigned seating at dinner and I switched my seat with Kara's so I could sit by her dad, Uncle Paul.  Later I said I hope that was okay if we switched she said well, I didn't think that was an option.  We had a great dinner.
I hung out with Uncle Paul and watched him edit pictures.  Paul and I watched a little of the Cowboys game.  Michael and Kara watched all of it.  The half time show is my favorite part.  That is the part Mike doesn't watch.  I brought some whipping cream.  Michael made it.  I was impressed by how well he made it. It was nice of him to make the whip cream I could watch the show.  We had apple, pumpkin, and I brought a chocolate pecan pie.  All of the pies were good.

I got home around 8:30.  There were still about 6 people over.  I got a few left overs and chatted with everyone for a bit.  I was helping clean up and Megan, my older sister said to sit down.  I went to bed kind of early because I was exhausted!

Friday I went to Starbucks, like usual.  I saw Jeff at Starbucks.  He used to live outside of Manhattan and went to NYU.  He has a lot of good information about the city and was giving me some good tips.

I came home to have Thanksgiving leftovers with the fam.
Todd, Pat, Amy and I went to pick out our tree.  They go to the same spot every year.  It's about 20 minutes away from our house.
When we arrived a man directed us and said there is a spot right in the front for y'all.  Todd jokingly said since we're regulars we get the good spot.
We saw Erin, my CT sister and her roommate there.  They had finished getting their tree.
At the tree farm they have several nice wreaths for sale and inside a small inside area you pay for your tree and they have orntaments for sale.  I bought an orntament that was cut from a tree and had a truck driving a Christmas tree.
We walked around to pick out the perfect tree.  Todd saw one right away that he liked.  We decided to keep walking.
There are trees with and without blue tags.  The trees with blue tags are a little cheaper.  The game is to find a good tree with a blue tag.  The Kenneys said at some tree farms you can go earlier in the year and put a tag on the tree and claim your tree.  When we went it was a perfect day!  The Kenneys said the weather is never that good.  They said usually you run in get the first good one you see and leave.  Since it was such a nice day many people were lingering longer than they would have if it wasn't a nice day.
We crossed a bridge to more trees.  We saw some people going back without a tree.  Pat asked them why they didn't get a tree.  The Kenneys said if you go out that far you are determined to get a tree.  In that area there were mostly bruce spruce trees that are spikey.  The Kenneys were explaining how it is hard to decorate because it is so spike and hurts.  We saw a bruce spruce tree we liked but no one would want to decorate it so we decided not to get it.
In that back area we finally found a good tree.  I wanted to cut it down since it was my first time.  I tried a little then Todd gave me some suggestions.  He said you have to sing a sad song while you cut.  He began singing "Nobody knows the Trouble I've Seen".  Then, I went back to cutting.   I sang "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go."  It got harder to cut so I gave the saw back to Todd.  He said it's almost to the end and offered to let me cut it.  I cut it down and the tree fell.  Todd yelled "timber" and made sure the tree didn't fall on me.
Todd brought gloves for he and I.  We carried the tree back.  It was a long walk since we went over the bridge.  They do have carts you can wheel the tree on but I wanted the full experience.
At the tree farm they had a machine that would wrap the tree.  The Kenneys said they haven't always had that and it is helpful.
Pat got a wreath, Amy and I got hot chocolate.  The tree farm had supplies for free hot chocolate.  They also had marshmallows and candy canes too.  Todd tied the tree on top of the car.
Once we got home Todd sawed the tree a little since it wasn't a perfect line.  He also had to cut off a few branches so it would fit in the tree base.

Erin, and I meet Todd, Pat, and Amy at the AMC to watch Creed.  Todd got us reserved seats and we had perfect seats.  We got popcorn to all share.  Everyone in the theater was really into the movie.  People were cheering during the fight scenes.

After the movie Erin, Todd, Pat and I went to P.F. Chang at the mall.  Todd and I rode together and Pat and Erin rode together.  Todd and I made a reservation on the way there and Erin and Pat made a reservation on there way there too!  We thought it would be packed since it was at the mall on Black Friday.  The mall parking lot was full but not impossible to get into.  Thankfully P.F. Chang didn't have any wait so our reservation was unnecessary.  I don't know why they didn't have a wait since it is Black Friday at P.F. Chang is at the mall.  We got 3 appetizers and 3 entrees.  You've got to love P.F. Chang!  So good!

We came home and Pats sister sent us some baked goods.  That was a nice treat!

Saturday I spent most of the day at Starbucks.  I went to see the Good Dinosaur with Mikes mom and 8 year old nephew Hayden.  Hayden and I went to Starbucks to play cards while his Grandma, got a hair cut.  We played one round of War.  He won.  I taught Hayden how to play 21.  We played 3 rounds and he won all 3.

Later that evening I went to babysit.  I babysat the two girls I usually babysit and their two friends who I have babysat before.  I like it when we are all together.  It is more fun.  We had Thanksgiving left overs, watched Elf, Home Alone and had peppermint ice-cream.  The kids also made lots of jokes. It was a fun evening!

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