Monday, December 7, 2015

Boring week and a Car Accident

Well, this was a very boring week.  Nothing exciting.

Last week all of the college students were home for Thanksgiving. They were at Starbucks studying.  It reminded me of my college days.  I would ask them what they were studying and where they went to school.  Then they asked me the same question!  Then, I got to tell them I have already graduated from the greatest university.  

I started working at Pak Mail.  We ship for USPS, FedEx, and UPS.  Pat got me that job.  She has friends from church that own Pak Mail.

I am babysitting the girls I am babysit more often now because their mom works retail.  The other day I was at the indoor soccer field with the girls and their mom meet us there to pick the girls up.  We had to get the girls bags out of my car and the girls started to get in.  The mom and I were like no, you're going home with your mom.  They almost seemed upset.  I asked the girls what I can do to be a better babysitter.  The youngest girl that is 7 said, wear better earnings. In my opinion they are very cute Kate Spade bow earrings.

This week at church was out Christmas party. That was fun!  I was going to go to the Rockefeller tree lighting.  It was kind of rainy and I would be out there for a while so I decided not to go.  The church party was great!

Friday a sophomore from church and I went to a good hibachi restaurant.  Then, we went to acoustic night at the local high school.  There were a lot of talented people.  Then, Gabe and I saw the movie Brooklyn. It was a good kind of weighty movie.  We saw the movie at AMC.  That is definitely my favorite theater.  I try to stick with AMC.

Saturday I was doing my normal routine and going to Starbucks.  I hit the car in front of me.  My car started smoking.  An officer had to come and he said my car is undrivable.  He called a tow truck.  My accident was in Canton.  Cantons policy is that they don't call AAA.  They call a local towing company and AAA will reimburse you.  They don't like to wait for AAA.   If I got into the accident just a few minutes down the road in Avon I could have used AAA.  That is just Cantons policy.  Kind of interesting.  My parents didn't like that.  When the officer was handing me off to the tow company he told them to take good care of me.  I appreciated that!  Pat, my CT mom came to pick me up.  She got there just as the tow company was leaving.  She told me where they should take my car.  Everyone says the place where its going is a good place.
Unfortunately, my Connecticut sister was just in an accident so they looked into places to get a rental car and knew the best rates.  Pat drove me to Enterprise.  A guy from church works there.  We worked with a nice man at Enterprise.  As he was walking us out to my new car he said heres your mini van pointing to the mini van out front.  At first I was worried until he said just kidding.  I have a Jeep Compass.  It smells new.  I was only an hour late for work!

Saturday night we had our big gala at Hop Meadow.  It was a fun event.  I like the people I work with.  They were doing Micky Mouse accents which made the evening fun! 

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