Monday, December 14, 2015

Moving back to the Ranch

What an exciting week with unexpected twists!  

Sunday Danielle and I went to Stowbridge Village.  The village is in Massachusetts about 45 minutes from Danielle's house.  I love Danielle!  She is so kind!  Danielle had just been there recently so she knew a lot about it and had a lot of good information.  Sturbridge Village is a recreated old town from my Uncle Pauls childhood in the 1700s.  

This week started off very normal.  Nothing exciting.  Wednesday we finally had a house to meet in so that was nice!  The girls made cookies for the Hartford City Mission.  There was one girl that could be a professional decorator!  She was wonderful!  She ran out of Christmas ideas and I gave her more complicated Christmas ideas and she was able to do it!  Mark, the high school pastor has been so helpful!  He paired me with such a great friend, and getting me my Connecticut parents.   I told him my parents were upset I didn’t have a better job.  Mark said he would sent out an email to 90 people for me - all of the high school and middle school leaders.   Mark is so helpful!  

Thursday I was getting a hair cut and texting some folks to ask them to pray that it would be clear if I should go home or stay here. My parents had really been pushing for a while for me to come home.   After I texted them and people responded saying they are praying Geico called and said my car is totaled.  That was my clear answer.  

On Thursday I got to spend the whole day with Ally, one of the girls I babysit for.  We went shopping to get Christmas presents from her.  We went to the mall to get gifts.  It was fun!  I got a Godiva shake!  They put truffles inside of the shake.  It was rich but good!  
We meet her sister at home.  They wanted to do something fun so I took the girls to see the Peanuts movie in 3D.  The girls loved it!  

Friday morning I meet with a nice lady that goes to another church but used to go to my church.  She worked with the girls I am currently working with.  She has a lot of good advice about these girls since she has worked with them and she has a freshman daughter.  

Later that day, I got to hang out with Ally again.  We went to J.Crew and got a great outfit for 
her mom.  

That evening I meet some of my favorite people from the Young Adult Ministry, Kara and Phil at Phil’s house in West Hartford.  We meet Phil’s roommate, David, from YAM at an Indian restaurant right next to their house.  Kara and Phil are regulars there - the owners gave us a complimentary appetizer and Phil asked them to get our food out faster and they were able to accommodate that.  Brad from YAM meet us there. We all went to church to see the Gift.  I have heard so much about this musical.  Everyone was asking if I had tickets and was warning me to get tickets because it sells out quickly!  We got there 20 minutes early and there was barely any room left in the balcony.  We were meeting other people there and our large group of 8 had to split up.  The musical was incredible!  Several of our high school students were in the drama.  There were several live animals including a donkey, bunny, and goose.  I told a few girls Thursday I was moving so it was sad to say good bye to them.  One girl and I hugged for a long time.  She was very hard to say good bye to.  
After the musical we went back to Phil and Davids house.  Phil showed me his fish tank.  It is just like Spongebob Squarepants.  He has Spongebob's home and Squidwards home!  Phil has a snail in the tank whose name is Gary.  David made me and Phil hot chocolate and he warmed the milk on the stove.  I appreciate that!  Kara and David had tea.  We chatted for about an hour.  It was lovely!  

Saturday I meet Emily and Steve for breakfast at Popovers in Simsbury.  I got a popover with eggs, onions, sausage, and cheese in it.  It was very good!  It was great to see them!  Phil showed up towards the end of our meal.  They offered to help me pack which I really appreciate.  

After breakfast went to work and after work I went home and baked cookie with my family.  We made 10 types!  They started before I did so I just got to come in and eat delicious cookies and help make a few.  They did all of the hard work.   The cookies were wonderful!  

Saturday evening Todd and Pat took me to this great Italian restaurant in Avon, Di Capo.  Great food!  When the check came I got out my purse to chip in and they said are you looking for your mints, what are you doing.  That was nice!  

Pat had a great idea of watching It’s a Wonderful Life when we came in.  We all changed into comfy clothes and watched the movie.  I was falling asleep about an hour into it so I went to bed early.  I love that movie!

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