Thursday, December 24, 2015

Back at the Ranch

Sunday morning at 4am Kelly, one of my dearest friends came over and drove me to the airport. My CT mom, Pat said if I didn't see her the night before to wake her up so she could say goodbye.  I told her how I didn't want her to have to wake up that early.  She said, EXCUSE me?  It was funny!  Thankfully they stayed up much later than usual so I was able to say my goodbyes then.  It was sad to leave.  

Everyone told me to get to the airport early.  I heard its a small airport so didn't think I would have much problem.  People told me every is trying to get out of the north this time of year.  There was a very long line to go through TSA and I made it to my gate right on time!  I saw these guys that were dressed in all black and some had instruments.  One of the guys came up to me almost in a panic and asked what boarding group I was in when we began to line up.  He wasn't in my boarding group.  Then, as I was boarding the plane I saw an instrument with a piece of tape that said "Senses Fail".  I thought maybe that is there band name so I looked them up.  The night before I changed my seat.  I could touch the seat I was seating at but changed just one seat up.  I found my new seat sitting next to two guys.  As I put my suitcase up the man next to me came and rearranged this long skinny item.  He said he wanted to be extra careful with it.  I asked the guy next to me if he was from Hartford or Dallas.  He said neither, LA.  I asked what brought him to Hartford.  He said he had just played a show and hadn't gotten any sleep.  I told him how I went to Burbank for a summer.  He lived in Pasadena.  We were talking about LA then the guy next to him started adding in.  He is from LA too.  I asked what brought him to Hartford and he said he plays baseball for UCONN.  I chatted briefly with them and I was able to ask about what he is trying to keep safe.  He said it was a poster from a show in Philadelphia.  He went onto say how he will frame it and he has so mnay framed he has to switch them out.  He also told me they had been touring for a month and a half!  We were all tired so we slept most of the ride.

As soon as I landed my mom and I went straight to church.  I was able to take nap.  Later than evening Steffan and I went back to our Cheesecake Factory routine.

It has been interesting to be back.  It is nice to see people!  It is interesting but I guess I shouldn't be surprised by how many UT and A&M shirts, and bumper stickers I see compared to up north.  People here aren't any nicer than in the Northeast.  I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for me back at the ranch!  

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