Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Week!

On Sunday I worked the Farmington Bridal Show representing Hop Meadow Country Cliub.  I worked with a guy named Mike who works on the golf side.  He's a pretty cool guy.  The day turned out to be a lot better than it could have been.  Mike brought a roll of grass for guys to golf on.  We also brought a model sweetheart table.  I know more people at the bridal show than Mike did which is funny because I have lived here for two months and he has lived here for years.  Bridal shows are interesting places to people watch.  There are a lot of mothers and daughters, and grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, some girlfriends that go together and some couples.  I think bridal shows are only good if you haven't gotten anything for your wedding picked out.  One couple made a sticker with their information instead of continually writing out their information  to companies they were interested in.  They also made an email address for their wedding day.  That couple was  smart!

After working the show I went back to the club and stayed for about an hour at Freight Fest.  Kids dressed up in costumes, we had a dj, fun desserts, and good food.

Monday I went to Greenwich.  I ate at this great restaurant at a nice hotel I had been wanting to go to for a while.  It is the second best hotel in Connecticut.   The restaurant was perfectly designed and had great service.  The hotel lobby was nice but small.  I walked along the Greenwich harbor.  Greenwich had a nice downtown area with shops but parking was very hard so I didn't get out of my car (which may have been the best situation to not shop).

After Greenwich I drove about 45 minutes away to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.  They were changing out some exhibits so it was kind of a terrible day to go.

After coming back I went to West Hartford and found a cool coffee shop.  The coffee shop didn't have wifi!  What kind of a coffee shop doesn't have wifi?!

I meet Mike from work at the Cheesecake Factory and I used the gift card my parents gave me for my birthday.  One of my favorite things is getting a slice of cheesecake and eating it for days at home.

Mike and I saw Bridge of Spies at this nice area in West Hartford.  The area reminds me slightly of a trendy shopping area in LA.  Bridge of Spies is a wonderful movie!

Tuesday, I worked at the club putting things up from the bridal show and emailing brides whose contact information we got at the show.

Stephen was over at Grandmas when I came home for the afternoon.  I love cousin visits!

I was able to get back into the routine of babysitting the sweet girls I babysat a month ago.  In the car we listened to Cray Button, the Lecrae song we made a dance to with our student ministry in Texas.  The 7 year old girl I babysit loved the song and asked what a cray button is.

Wednesday evening I worked at Hop Meadow Country Club.  There was an event and a Sate Representative was there.  I got to talking to him and told him of my political involvement in Texas. He asked which side I was on.  I said Republican.  He said he was on the opposite side but would still talk to me.  He gave me his card and offered to help me get involved here.

Thursday and Friday I worked all day at Hop Meadow.  I am really enjoying working there!

Saturday I had breakfast with a high school girl at my favorite breakfast place Dish n' Dat.  Pouring into younger girls is one of my favorite things!

I went over to my co workers house and we made popcorn balls.  She had the great idea of adding food coloring.  That was fun to experiment with.  I really appreciate her making them with me.

Saturday afternoon I went over to Paul and Lauries house and Laurie made me the best poodle skirt I have ever seen in my life!  She got the felt and sewed it.  Laurie said she couldn't find a good poodle so she just made one!  She acts like it was nothing.  It is a perfect poodle!  Then when I came over she made sure it fit and just sewed on some felt to keep it together and I was good to go!

It really comes in handy having your cousin as a photographer.  Paul took some great pictures of the outfit.

Then, Mikes kids and family came over.  Grace, his daughter and I both were 50's girls.  She was cute!  Will was a pilot.   He was adorable!  Paul took some great pictures of us!

Laurie bought the kids books and some cute Halloween candy.

We went over to Mikes friends house he has known since elementary school.  They have 2 kids Grace and Wills ages, in laws, brother in laws and girlfriend, were there and another school friend.  We had pizza for dinner.  Mike made mold cider.  Don't know why its called mold.  Mike got me some cider before we headed out to go trick or treating.  I appreciated that!  There were 10 adults and 4 kids trick or treating.  I was concerned it would be very cold but thankfully the weather was fine!  It was a good halloween thanks to my great cousins!  

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