Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sunday, I went to The New Britain Art Museum with Gabe.   It is a new building so it was nice.  They have some very pretty pieces.  On of my favorites was by this guy from New York who paints so realistically that it looks like a picture and that you are actually in New York.

Sunday evening, friend Kelsey and I went to Abigail's for diner.  It was a nice restaurant.  They were having a profit share upstairs.  Abigail's is thought to be haunted by a ghost named Abigail that is why it's called Abigails.  At the profit share they were passing out appetizers, had tiramisu out, live music, and raffles.  It was fun!

Thursday, my cousin Stephen came into town from Nashville.  Kara came over for dinner like she usually does. After dinner Stephen asked if we wanted to go on a walk around the block.  I was exhausted because I had been working all day but I thought I can go for a walk around the block.  To Stephen a walk around the block means a walk around Grandmas whole 8 mile complex.  We probably walked 3 miles!

Friday I got off for lunch and went with Steve, Stephen and Grandma for lunch at Chili's.  It was fun! Friday evening I worked at the Tiffany Juliet House.  I was able to help Chef Rich which I enjoy.

Saturday Steve and I went to one of my favorite places Dish n' Dat for breakfast.  Steve bought me chocolate chip pancakes which I love!  It was perfect!  I really like Steve.  He is funny and a good listener.  After breakfast I had an interview at Sur La Table to be a cooking school assistant.

In the afternoon we went to my cousin Jackies wedding.   It was about 30 minutes away.  Paul and Mike were the photographers.  After the ceremony I was able to ride with Paul and Mike to the reception about 30 minutes away.  I helped hold things.  I had the opportunity to help pose the girls for one picture so they would look like girls the movie Bridesmaids cover.  It was fun to be at the wedding with so much family.

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