Sunday, October 18, 2015

Freedom Retreat

I got a job at a country club and put in my two weeks at Cake Gyspy.  At first the boss was upset I wasn't there longer but understood my spot.  She knows a lot about the country club so gave me several suggestions on how to exceed there!  I was shocked that she was so helpful in my new position.  I'm so thankful!

Wednesday I started my new job at the country club.  I really like my co workers so it has been good.

Friday I went with our student ministry to a camp in Massachusetts.  We took about 50 kids.  30 girls and 20 guys.  Friday we meet in Avon and Saturday we went to the camp.  I was able to speak about some of my struggles with the girls.    I meet Sue on this trip.  She is great! Saturday we lead a session on dating and purity.  We had the most girls in our session and some great conversation.  During the retreat we had a bon fire and s'mores, a color war which was very fun and times in the chapel of teaching and singing.  The camp had the best camp food I have ever had.  It was great!   Valley is a great church and I am thankful to be apart of it!

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