Saturday, October 3, 2015

What Life Looks Like Now

Well folks, I got a job working at Cake Gypsy, a popular bakery in town.  I have been working at the pre-school in the morning and Cake Gypsy in the afternoon.   In the evening I usually have something with church.  

Monday morning I meet with Mike, our communications director at church.  He used to manage managers at ESPN.  He looked at my resume and gave me some tips about ESPN.  Mike was so helpful!

I got sick again this week which is kind of a bummer.  I was out one day.  

I had my interview at the Wadsworth Mansion.  They said they would let me know in a week.  I think the interview went well!

Wednesday, I meet Pat who is about my parents age.  I may be living with she and her husband Todd.   Pate is one of the nicest ladies I have ever meet!  She is in charge of Moms in Prayer in Connecticut and was Nurse of the year at the hospital in Bristol she works at. Before I left she prayed for me!  I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the Kenneys.  It would be great if I did get to move in with them. 

So, at Cake Gypsy we have good relationships with many of our neighboring business.  At this Japanese place one of the guys that works there likes one of my co workers.  It is funny to see him flirting with her.  My co workers already has a boyfriend and doesn't like this guy.  However, we are getting a lot of free food from it so it's working out well for us.  Friday after working at Cake Gypsy my co workers and I went to see the guy from the Japanese place.  Then, we went to another restaurant for appetizers and dessert.  It was fun! 

Saturday was a cool day.  It was 40!  I heard this is about 20 degrees cooler than usual.  
I went to have coffee with my girlfriend, Rachel.  She is such a sweet girl.  I really like her! We saw some people from church there!  I'm so glad that I am beginning to see people out that I know!  
I also went to the Wadsworth Museum.  The museum was fantastic!  It was very large.  They had an exhibit of many European paintings.  They had a nice cafeteria but it wasn't as good as the Kimballs restaurant.  After the museum I worked a wedding at the Tiffany Juliet House.  I had worked their once before.  I got to work with the chef like last time.  I was the Sous Chef!  I like helping the chef.  He's a pretty cool guy.  
After working I went to Starbucks.  I had seen this guy in his late 20's there a couple of times.  He always sits outside of Starbucks with his guitar, cigarette, and dog.  I started talking to him and asked him what his name is.  He said his name is Lon and I was one of the few people that asked what his name is and not his dogs name.  I think that is so sad!  

I'm glad my life has somewhat of a routine now.  I'm looking forward to going to another museum with Gabe tomorrow and hearing back from my interview!  

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